Photo-catalysts for the future fuel

In the 21st century, the excessive use of non-recyclable fossil fuels has raised concern over energy crisis, global warming, and environmental pollution.

Thus, investigations for novel renewable energy which can mitigate environmental issues and reduce the dependence on fossil fuel is a high-demand field. The aim of this study is to explore novel photo-catalysts for producing hydrogen from solar-driven water splitting.

In this study, various material characterisation techniques, such as XRD, UV-Vis spectrometer and TEM, have been used to probe and measure the structure and properties of synthesised materials, followed by the conduction of performance tests for activity and stability.

We present an advanced TiO2-based photo-catalyst for hydrogen production from the solar-driven water-splitting system, which is chemically stable, highly active and affordable compared to the existing methods.

Future energy and resources


Chemical Engineering and Advanced Materials

Quoc Anh Nguyen


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