Predicting floods and tsunamis

Floods and tsunamis are challenging to predict/simulate.

We aim to empower meteorologists and disaster managers to know beforehand about the upcoming flood/tsunami (prediction) and the areas that would be affected (simulation); this will help save so many lives and assets. We primarily need to simulate water height and velocity variations over many kilometres, but their cause and manifestation happen at sub-metre-scale - hence detailed simulation over many kilometres is impractical. 

We are developing novel classes of multi-scale methods to accurately model complex waves over many kilometres from simulations in only a small fraction of the whole space. For representative simpler waves, the developing methods successfully simulate kilometre-scale wave physics, as accurately as the detailed sub-metre-scale simulation - with large computational savings. We are now extending to more complex waves. Next we will include turbulence, which will enable accurate simulation of real-world floods and tsunamis.

Our built and natural environments


Mathematical Sciences

Divahar Jayaraman

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