Predicting the future in oilfields

Field A is a low relief, high permeability, strong bottom-water drive oil reservoir located in the Eromanga Basin, South Australia.

To date these unique properties have presented a challenge for production forecasting. Each year the field exceeds production forecasts generated in prior years using traditional empirical decline curve analysis methods.

This study reviews the applicability of traditional empirical forecasting methods to this oilfield. A review of the field’s production and development history, combined with a review of various forecasting techniques, has aided in understanding the physical mechanisms causing this disjoint between the forecast and actual production.

This project investigates literature, field trends and well parameters which may be used as a predictive tool to better estimate well performance. Individual well forecasts are generated by expanding on the traditional empirical techniques and ultimately a fit for purpose decline forecasting technique is recommended.

Future energy and resources


Australian School of Petroleum

Daniel Mynhart
Shae Daniel
Adam Zanardo

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