Project SEATS – Aerial Taxi Service

Traffic congestion has become a prominent issue across many cities worldwide, lengthening travel times and polluting city air.

Existing air taxi solutions that have been proposed do not meet current aviation standards and therefore cannot be immediately implemented. 

The SEATS project aims to fill this void by proposing an electric fixed wing short take-off and landing air taxi that conforms to current aviation standards. By utilising modified aircraft design methods for electric vehicles, an aircraft capable of landing on rooftops and able to travel up to 75 km at 235 km/hr was designed. The aircraft utilises a removable passenger pod system, reducing turnover times from the charging of batteries, making for a seamless journey. 

A scale model of the designed aircraft was manufactured from composite materials and tested to demonstrate its functionality, from the changing over of the passenger pods, to take off, flight and landing.

Transforming technologies


Mechanical Engineering

Stefan Cavallaro
Gennaro Demarco
Harrington Freeman
Harry Rowton
Mason Williams

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