Quantum locking superconductors

Quantum Locking is a fascinating phenomenon where a ceramic material with unique properties, known as a superconductor, is locked in a permanent magnetic field when cooled with liquid nitrogen.

This phenomenon can be adapted to systems requiring frictionless motion or non-contact interactions. Our project aims to investigate the behaviour of the quantum locking phenomenon using high-temperature superconductors through the development of an experimental apparatus. 

The purpose of the apparatus is to provide a controlled environment for the superconductor when quantum locked for testing the following behaviours: spring stiffness, pinning force, and load-bearing capacity. A limitation with this is keeping the superconductor liquid nitrogen cold, long enough for effective data collection. So we designed and built a cooling system, which extends the time the superconductor remains quantum locked. This project acts as a preliminary research phase with prospects for future projects to explore this phenomenon in further depth.

Transforming technologies


Mechanical Engineering

Austin Keates
Indu Kirihene
Giuseppe Laurito
Thien Nguyen

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