Remote water trough monitoring

The Australian climate can be unforgiving. For livestock farmers, managing the availability of water to their animals can be challenging, especially during times of drought.

To ensure that livestock have enough water to survive, farmers generally drive out to individual troughs to check water levels. For larger farms in particular, this is unnecessarily time consuming, heavily taxing on the lifespan of utility vehicles, and leaves farmers uncertain about the well-being of their animals. 

This project works with industry partner, Philmac, to reduce this wastage of time and resources, as well as provide peace of mind to farmers through the design, build and testing of a remotely monitoring water management system. This robust and versatile system is mounted to the trough and automatically transmits sensory data back to the farmer via wireless communication. Complete basic functionality has been achieved, with focus now directed towards improving compactness, user-friendliness and more complex functionality.

Transforming technologies


Mechanical Engineering

Andrew Jonas
William Macdonald

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