Rolling dynamic compaction

This project focuses on the concept of rolling dynamic compaction, whereby a truck carries a four-sided roller that rotates and compacts a soil sample.

A 1:13 scale model of a four-sided roller has been produced within the laboratory in order to simulate the roller’s behaviour and ability to effectively compact soil, the findings of which can then be applied to a full-scale scenario. 

To do this, the following methodologies will be employed; Tekscan pressure sensors and Earth Pressure Cells will be embedded within a mass of soil to measure changes in pressure as the model compactor passes over the soil and a 3-dimensional scan of the soil profile will be taken to visualise changes within the soil profile. In this study, we hope to obtain a definitive link between roller and soil properties, such as speed, weight and moisture content.

Our built and natural environments


Civil, Environmental and Mining Engineering

Melanie Fragoulis
Antonio Labbozzetta
William McPherson
Nicholaos Sierros

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