Safe design of bolted connections

To safely design bolted connections using high strength steel, research is required to understand the material properties and failure modes of these steels at yield.

Various double lap joint connections were designed and tested in accordance with current Australian standards, to observe and analyse how each connection behaves at yield. The digital image correlation (DIC) technique was exploited to record full field strain information from these bolted connections. A relationship was then formed between the failure modes of each connection, the surface strain observed and the material properties of the specific steel used.

Our research outcome describes the behaviour of the high strength steel bolted connections at yield, using a failure envelope of principle surface strains. This allows for a more intimate understanding of yield properties than ever before, and improved accuracy when designing bolted connections using high strength steel.

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Civil, Environmental and Mining Engineering

James Acott
Adrian D'Amico
Jake Ashworth
Taimur Khan

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