Securing the future with combustion

Combustion plays an important role in our daily lives.

However, with conventional combustion such as the gas turbines comes another problem, which is mainly pollution. This causes an adverse effect on our planet: global warming. To cope with the ever-growing pollution, new combustion technology has to be invented and researched. Moderate or Intense Low Oxygen Dilution (MILD) is one such technology that has promising results on low emission and high thermal efficiency. However, there is not much research at elevated pressure. As such, the confined-and-pressurised jet-in-hot coflow (CP-JHC) is used to better understand the flame characteristic under elevated pressure. Our project mainly generates an operating limit graph of the combustor as well as investigates the flame behaviour under elevated pressure. With the completion of the operating limit graph, more extensive research is done on the flame behaviour.

Future energy and resources


Mechanical Engineering

Luke Han Zheng Chan
Yong Sern Chee
Haoling Li
Kiing Yean Wong

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