Seeing through with terahertz waves

There has been an increase in research in the terahertz region over the recent years to explore its capabilities in many devices.

As terahertz waves are non-ionising and have the ability to penetrate non-metallic materials, applications ranging from detecting cancer cells and finding defects within packaged goods are possible with terahertz technology. 

This project seeks to further expand upon the potential applications of terahertz waves to measure different objects for security screening and to tackle an important issue in livestock farming. Given the increase in terahertz development, various conducting metallic objects and offcuts of sheepskin were measured within the frequency range of 0.22-0.33 THz to analyse how visible these objects are at certain terahertz frequencies. Here we present a set of findings from our results to demonstrate and better understand what is achievable within this field of study if this technology was to be further improved.

Transforming technologies


Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Jorge Lopez Fernandez
Phillip Panek

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