Sexual Healing-Zika Virus Immunity

Zika virus, is a recently re-emerging virus that has spread to 87 countries around the globe after causing a major outbreak in the Americas in 2015/2016.

Zika is mainly transmitted by mosquitoes but also can be spread sexually and vertically (from infected mother to foetus during pregnancy). Controlling the spread of Zika is important to protect against disease associated risks, such as neurological impairment or birth defects in foetuses born to Zika infected mothers.

That is why my research aims to investigate how our immune response protects against the sexual transmission of Zika virus, and how Zika can escape our immunity to cause disease. By understanding how the body protects itself against Zika and which viral factors contribute to immune escape we hope to find ways to improve our immunity against Zika and prevent its sexual transmission during future outbreaks. 

Healthy society


Biological Sciences, Faculty of Science

Rosa Coldbeck-Shackley

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