Smaller. Different. Life-changing.

Nanosystems have the size of around a billionth of a metre, hence it is why we fail to realise that they exist in our everyday life.

They behave very differently compared to normal-sized systems due to their size-dependent behaviour. In order to maintain the functionality of a nanosystem or a nanodevice, the understanding of their nonlinear behaviour is vital to ensure the device does not fail. 

This project aims to investigate the dynamic response of nanosystems due to external forces. Simulations have been performed to obtain the stiffness of the nanosystems, how much they bend, and the frequency at which they vibrate in the absence of an external force. Results were obtained and compared to literature review as a validation method. The results can now be used to design future nanodevices to decrease the chances of unpredicted failing and to ensure that they will function according to predicted behaviour.

Transforming technologies


Mechanical Engineering

Oscar Zi Shao Ong
Kelly Yee

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