Solar car: vibration analysis

Facing the problem of increasing fuel consumption, new energy vehicles are now being produced.

One of the most common vehicles is the solar car, however sometimes these cars can be damaged by its vibration. The goal for the project was to analyse which part of the car body may be most prove to vibration damage, as well as observing a method for vibration damping. A 3D-printed scaled solar car model was produced installed with a 4-springs system. An impact hammer was used to generate forced vibration on the model and the use of a laser sensor to test the vibration in three-axis. ANASYS simulation was also used to obtain a theoretical result, and a suspension system was used to test the vibration damping. As a result, the maximum deformation happened on the front and back edge of the car body and the maximum stress happened at the connection between springs and the model, therefore a suspension system can obviously damp vibration.

Future energy and resources


Mechanical Engineering

Tong Lei
Jinliang Li
Xiangyu Liu

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