Solar for better green energy

Cast aside the conventional solar panels that require a large area of land acquisition. 

Technological advancement has lead to better bifacial solar panels that capture reflected sunlight on both their front and back to generate higher energy yield within a smaller land area. The albedo (the measure of how much light that hits a surface is reflected without being absorbed from the ground) was usually disregarded by the traditional solar PV panel. The goals for the project were to investigate the performance of bifacial solar through Levelized Cost of Electricity (LCOE), the effect of albedo to the power generation and collecting continuous data. In this project, monofacial fixed tilted solar panels were used for reference and compared with bifacial fixed vertical and bifacial tilted tracker. Through a combination of mathematical models, experiments and on-site data collection, we can validate and analyse the efficiency of the insolation model for bifacial solar panels. Data collected by the solar panels on site can be viewed remotely in an online server called ThingSpeak.

Future energy and resources


Mechanical Engineering

Nur Fatin Hanisah Abdul Majid
Jefri Bin Zulkepli Amin
Mohamad Mohamad Othman
Mohamad Syukri Hakim Mohd Shafie

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