Solution to improve the growth of plants

Rapid urbanisation and industrialisation have become the main reason for the decrease in usable land for cultivation.

In addition, poor soil fertility in some cultivable areas and continuous cultivation lead to nutrients leaching through the soil which threatens food production. 

To confront these challenges, hydrponic conditions are applied. In hydroponics, plants are raised in natural material (e.g. perlite, zeolites) that can absorb and release water. With the right amount of nutrients, the plants can thrive and grow, although the process is slower than soil-grown plants. 

The project aims to impregnate perlite with nutrients Zinc and Magnesium (single and mixed) and investigate their growth performance (e.g. shoot, roots). Using dwarf beans, the materials will be characterised with various techniques to optimise their functionality.

Health society


Chemical Engineering and Advanced Materials

Quyen Thi Thao Nguyen
Chi Linh Pham
Khoi Trinh

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