Stable Virus for Vaccine Development

The current achievements in chimeric virus-like particles (VLPs) by the multimeric insertion of foreign pathogen enabled the generation of a safe and effective platform for future vaccines.

However, VLPs may be unstable when they are chemically or physically stressed, by which an individual and undesired immunogenicity can be induced. 

This research aims to investigate the stability of chimeric VLPs, where a combination of experiments and molecular simulations are performed. The stability of chimeric VLPs against stress parameters such as urea, pH, temperature, and freezing/thaw cycle can be characterized based on the experimental results. Impact of stress parameters on the VLP structure and destabilization mechanisms can be reviewed by the molecular simulations. The outcome of these investigations will provided comprehensive data for optimal VLP purification process.

Healthy society


Chemical Engineering and Advanced Materials

Minh Du Le Xuan
Yangjun Feng

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