Structure condition assessment

All structures must face some inevitable problems, for example, structure ageing and construction uncertainties.

Thus the structural condition or properties such as mass and stiffness are very likely to be different from the original designed properties. 

In this project, the finite element (FE)model updating is conducted, which is able to determine the structural properties of an existing structure, thus the structure condition assessment can be done by analysing the determined results. We established one small 4-storey shear building and one simple frame to verify the model updating process can work successfully. Then we put a heavy object on the top of the frame and cut the column to make the frame weaker, then the updated FE model is not only able to work out the amount that properties changed, but it can also localise where the structure is ‘damaged’.

Our built and natural environments


Civil, Environmental and Mining Engineering

Xiaoyu Guo
Zijie Zeng
Guochang Chen
Yuhao Zhang

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