Tackling urban floods by going green

Urban areas around the world are experiencing unprecedented change, with more and more people moving to cities and stretching the capacity of infrastructure systems.

'Green' solutions can help address these problems by extending the lifespan of existing infrastructure, while providing other benefits such as increasing amenity and reducing the effects of climate change.

This project investigates the potential benefits of one such green solution – blue-green infrastructure – for the city of Adelaide. This is achieved by determining how such infrastructure can be embedded into long-term urban planning strategies, and modelling the effectiveness of such strategies in terms of potential flood benefits from 2016 to 2050 by considering the complex interactions between changes in land-use and flooding.

Results show that increasing surface roughness by applying blue-green infrastructure to different land-use types can combat the risk of flooding while also improving the environmental and aesthetic values.

Our built and natural environments


Civil, Environmental and Mining Engineering

Daniel Ryan
Jason Butler
Patrick Moore
Blake Fullston

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