Technique to find a leak

Water pipe leaks can significantly impact property. Repairs are expensive and disruptive.

This project investigated an acoustic method of analysing pipeline networks to locate leaks and blockages as early as possible. Analysing how sound propagates in a pipeline can help to locate potential leaks and blockages. 

The aim of this project was to create a loud, controllable acoustic source to generate high frequency tones throughout a pipeline. The flow of water in a pipeline was analysed using computer software packages to assist in the design of the device and, more specifically, by investigating the behaviour of water flow interacting with a rotating device. A prototype of the acoustic source was designed, built, and tested on a pipeline network at the University. 

The tests investigated the behaviour within the pipeline using accelerometers to measure the accelerations acting on the pipe walls, from which the performance of the acoustic source was assessed.

Our built and natural environments


Mechanical Engineering

Brayden Foale
Timothy Pfeiffer
Max Roberts

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