Testing code manually? Fuzz that!

Software testing is an important task that is necessary for ensuring the software works and, arguably more importantly, finding problems within the software.

Nowadays, technology systems are heavily connected to each other; but how do we ensure that these systems are communicating correctly?

Fuzz testing (fuzzing) is a popular software testing technique that sends abnormal and unexpected data to the target software in an attempt to discover problems. This project aims to develop a tool to apply fuzzing to devices communicating with one another.

Different fuzzing techniques were investigated to effectively discover problems in the target software. In addition, time was spent making the tool easy to use to allow programmers to focus primarily on testing. The tool’s primary function is to change the data being sent between communicating devices.

The developed tool is capable of detecting existing problems, and can also test software for new and undiscovered problems.

Securing our future


Computer Science

Patrick Jenko
Harvey Prom
Wade Hewett

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