The bond of perfection

How good would it be to have a recipe book on how to identify a good cement bond log (CBL)?

Well reality is not so perfect as our understanding of it. In practice, due to the number of variables involved in data gathering and assessment, it is far more complicated than a recipe. The result being each CBL requires individual assessment and subjective interpretation.

Even so, the interpretation is an indirect measurement and could only be used as indication of possible problems in well cement. Our project investigated over two thousand South Australian wells constructed in the last 30 years using existing industry databases to understand “what is a good cement bond log?”.

Applying this knowledge insight into ‘How to achieve a competent well cement to ensure well integrity at the construction and decommissioning phase can be achieved’.

Future energy and resources


Australian School of Petroleum

Sandra Ha
Nhat Truong
Astri Deliana Kamila

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