Too hot to handle?

With great power comes great heating ability. 

Modern day life relies heavily on switchgear and power distribution, from keeping lights on in your home to traffic management. The 'busbar' - the main copper power supply rails - carry the electricity for these systems, and in some cases the large currents can bring them to over 100 degrees! 

This project presents an electronic solution to our industry sponsor, Sage Automation, to wirelessly monitor the temperature of the busbar, where a trend of temperature increase can be an indication of higher current draw and hence an indication of impending failure. The solution system, based around a Raspberry Pi computer and infrared sensors, measures the busbar temperature, displays it on an integrated screen and hosts it on a server for remote access. It also analyses this data and sends out automated alerts if temperatures trend too high.

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Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Anthony Corbo
Matthew Owen

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