Tracking system for smart factory

One of the fundamental pillars of industry 4.0 is automation of warehousing and manufacturing systems, which requires a smart tracking system for items and stock in order to function effectively.

Redarc, an Australian electronics company, currently uses a manual inventory management system which presents reliability and accuracy limitations. 

Redarc therefore wishes to implement an automated manufacturing system and hence require a smart item tracking system. A radio frequency identification item tracking system (RFID) aims to increase the accuracy and reduce the potential errors in the system in order to increase efficiency of the manufacturing system. RFID systems have been proven in industry applications world wide and therefore it was deemed the most suitable technology. 

This project aimed to determine the suitability of the RFID system and its limitations in the manufacturing environment. To do this, a series of tests were performed in a controlled environment to replicate possible scenarios present in the Redarc manufacturing area.

Transforming technologies


Mechanical Engineering

Billy Ludbey
Anh Nguyen

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