Twitter: the new triple zero

In an era where social media dominates the internet, new and innovative uses are becoming increasingly prevalent.

Social media can be utilised as a means to transfer critical information in real-time about scenarios, such as terrorist attacks or natural disasters, and is fast becoming a preferred platform for discussing topics of urgency on a global scale. 

This project aims to investigate how the information generated on social media platforms can be processed and whether it can be trusted. Satoru is a web-based application where users can stream social media information in real-time from a chosen location. 

The system will analyse the information to determine whether an event has occurred and aims to verify the authenticity of social media information with regard to an event by determining trust. Machine learning techniques, Natural Language Processing and Blockchain-like technologies will be employed to do so.

Securing our future


Computer Science

Lauren Sergi
Lachlan Lampard
Mitchell Dale

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