Velkerri shale XRF characterization

Shale gas is fast becoming a hot topic within the petroleum industry.

Australia has their own shale gas prospect to boast about in the Mid-Velkerri B & C shales located in the McArthur Basin, Northern Territory. Characterizing the elemental composition of these shales, along with assessing the potential for on-site uses such as horizontal well steering, were the main aims of the project. Over the period of two weeks, four different cores intercepting the Mid-Velkerri B & C shale were sampled using a handheld X-ray fluorescence tool (hXRF).

Elemental characterization of these shales was then built from the collected data and correlated to components such as total organic carbon (TOC) and gamma ray logs. Elements were identified that served as reliable proxies for TOC and therefore allowed us to build a blueprint for how hXRF could be used for future on and off-site applications.

Future energy and resources


Australian School of Petroleum (Geoscience)

Alexander William Jackson

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