Water: impurities kryptonite

Is it possible to upgrade your $0.62 pencils to $3000/per ton graphite flakes by using nothing but water?

Practically, hydrothermal processes - where water is at an elevated temperature and pressure of over 374°C and 220 bar - can achieve such a feat, dissolving the impurities in the graphite’s flake up to 99.95% purity.

This is an alternative technology to replace current toxic and hazardous processes using acid leaching and/or caustic roasting. In this project, we aim to establish a reliable and proven data on the effects of hydrothermal extraction on graphite purity, based on the different variables such as: temperature, pressure, and residence time. In aim of a greener future, this research can be a stepping stone for the revolution of mining industries.

Future energy and resources


Chemical Engineering and Advanced Materials

Aliff Fitri Jamal
Nu Nadzirah Khosaime

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