Well & completion optimisation

Who doesn’t want a lower gas bill?

If Australia produces more gas and increase supply, gas prices will decrease. So the vital question is “How can we get the most gas out of the ground?” The aim of this project is to design a well completion plan to maximize the gas production from a new offshore gas development in a safe and environmentally mindful way.

This is done by using computer models to simulate the flow of gas and water in our field as if the wells exist and adjusting location, number and completion interval to obtain the best result. Field and reservoir parameters are considered while designing the completions to ensure safety, minimise problems and maximize production.

A well development plan and completions design which fulfill the criteria is recommended, however until this is implemented it is impossible to determine the success of it.

Future energy and resources


Australian School of Petroleum

Abdallah Ismail
Henry Tiang
Rangga Kusuma

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