What colour is that glass bottle?

Predicting the final tint colour of glass bottles whilst still in the liquid molten phase is difficult!

The refining and tinting of soda-lime-silica glass bottles is significantly affected by molten glass reduction-oxidation (redox) behaviours within the furnace. Measurement of glass redox currently occurs 12 hours after the melting of the glass - leading to significant product loss if the final glass tint is not within standard operating ranges.

In this project, an investigation into the impact that raw material constituents have on the molten glass redox was undertaken, with subsequent real-time modelling via the installation of an online EMF transmission redox probe within the furnace. A correlation between the probe data and spectroscopic data provided a model to implement into current refining and tinting control methods.

This permitted the formulation of a weighted redox contribution factor, and thus a wavelength adjustment value in response to changes in the EMF value.

Transforming technologies


Chemical Engineering and Advanced Materials

Chantelle Elise Bardadyn

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