When the wind blows

The idea that renewable energy solves all our problems is an untested fantasy!

Despite minimal environmental impact, decentralised renewable power requires stable transmission across the power network to supply residential and industrial demand. When the wind blows, we see coincident peak power output in wind generation which leads to violations in the network constraints that result in curtailment. Wind curtailment is a process where wind farms will forcefully reduce their power output in order to alleviate the stress on the network. Our goal is to find out how much renewable energy could be incorporated into the power grid whilst maintaining network stability. This is achieved through power output models that simulate generation for new hypothetical wind farms; these models use historical data as input, and capture both the deterministic level and the temporal stochasticity of wind generation. Consequently, we are able to statistically characterise wind curtailment in a foreseeable future.

Future energy and resources


Mathematical Sciences

Fergus Ramsay Willsmore

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