Why have spam when you can get ham?

Emails are a prominent part of communication and every day millions of emails are sent around the world.

A great deal of these are malicious in nature, designed to steal from their recipients - these are phishing emails. 

Our project aims to reduce the amount of phishing mail sent to the inbox by filtering it even before the user sees any mail. A combination of literature review and black box testing of anti-phishing software were undertaken to obtain an understanding of what the current industry standards and practices are. We found them to have a low standard for actually detecting spam. 

Enter our project PERF: a multilayer email firewall which not only determines malicious emails in nature, but also stops them from ever reaching the user’s inbox. This saves precious storage costs, reduces network overheads and requires less manual review than existing methods.

Securing our future


Computer Science

Eugenio Auditor
Raymond Habis
David Harley

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