Wood heaters - testing and improving

When considering natural-draught combustion wood heaters, it is important to investigate potential design changes that may increase the efficiency of the wood heater.

The aim is to increase the research-and-development capabilities of industry by analysing new designs, without the need to for physical manufacture or experimental testing. 

To assess potential design changes, this project utilised computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modelling software. Verification models were created and used along with experimental data, to validate a complete wood heater model. Different design change options were developed, and the most feasible option was selected to be modelled inside the wood heater. 

Findings detail that manipulating the flow of secondary air allows for the enhancement of the burning of primary combustion products - which is important for increasing combustion efficiency. It was confirmed that making changes and additions to a wood heater can alter the fluid flow sufficiently to achieve an overall efficiency increase.

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Mechanical Engineering

Benjamin Cmrlec
Reece Townsend

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