Wood vs. metal baseball bats

In the sport of baseball, both wood and metal bats are used in competition.

Many people are concerned that metal bats produce higher ball exit velocities, potentially placing players at a greater risk of injury. With continual engineering and material advancements increasing the performance of equipment, player safety is a major concern in all sports. 

This project aimed to determine the difference in the ball exit velocity produced by wood and metal baseball bats. Analysis was completed by comparing different bats swung by players and a baseball bat swinging machine. The same bats were then swung by the machine at similar swing speeds as the players. All testing was conducted under controlled conditions so that results were dependent on bat performance and confounding variables minimised. This provided a numerical comparison of the two bat types and may promote further investigation into baseball bat regulations to improve player safety in the future.

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Mechanical Engineering

Brayden Jenke
Matthew Longbottom

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