Zoom & enhance! Fact meets fiction?

With the advancement of technology, collecting and visualising physical evidence is inhibited by the limitations of traditional evidence collection, for example: photographs, and casting footprints using plaster.

Newer cutting-edge technology allows for 3D models to be generated by capturing real world scenes, and can provide a more convenient method of collecting and analysing 3D evidence. 

This can be done through 3D scanning shoe prints and crime scenes, leading to a cost-effective evidence collection. The technology used is the Intel RealSense scanner, the open source photogrammetry software: Meshroom, an Apple iPhoneX, and the Einscan Pro+ laser scanner. Footprints and blood patterns on various surfaces were used as the scope of the project. From these scans, we tabulate and compare the various tools when used in different scenarios.

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Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Jimmy Tang
Glenn Walsh

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