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Ingenuity 2020 gives you the chance to participate in free interactive activities from the comfort of your own classroom.

In 2020, our annual Ingenuity expo will run a little differently as we manage COVID-19 restrictions. This year, our virtual expo, Tuesday 27 October, will showcase over 250 innovative university students projects in a virtual exhibition and the platform will provide the opportunity for your students to see how our STEM and architecture students are solving complex challenges facing society, but also inspiring the next generation to do the same.

In addition, we will also be facilitating online activities for high school students incorporating hands-on kits which will be delivered to your school.

These activities will be run online from Thursday 22 October to Wednesday 28 October.

2020 high school activities

  • Activities for students in years 7 – 9

    Marshmallow Challenge: an exercise in the engineering process

    Date: Thursday 22 October
    Time: 9am–10am
    School of Civil, Environmental and Mining Engineering

    In the Marshmallow Challenge, students will be tasked with using a limited pool of resources to create the tallest, weight bearing structure under strict time constraints. Throughout this activity, students will put their collaboration, innovation and creativity to the test and learn the importance of the engineering design process. 

    This session is now fully booked.

    Ready to rock? Discovering deep energy resources

    Date: Friday 23 October
    Time: 11:30am–12:30pm
    Australian School of Petroleum and Energy Resources

    Throughout this activity, students will learn what scientists do to safely discover, produce and store deep energy resources.

    By doing so, they will explore concepts such as porosity (a measure of the tiny spaces in rocks that can hold a fluid) and permeability (the measure of a rock that determines whether fluids can flow and be produced) and their impacts on energy resource discovery and extraction.


    Fragrance Factory

    Date: Wednesday 28 October
    Time: 9am–10:30am
    School of Chemical Engineering and Advanced Materials

    Discover how fragrances are made by making your own in this exciting, hands-on workshop. Students will learn how chemical engineers use processes like distillation, heat exchange and separation to make perfume, cologne and other products. 


    How to win at games (using maths!)

    Date: Wednesday 28 October
    Time: 9am–10:30am
    School of Mathematical Sciences

    Ever wonder how grifters on the streets always win their games? These activities will give you an idea of how you can guarantee you will (almost) always win.


  • Activities for students in years 10 – 12

    Designing a climate-resilient community

    Date: Tuesday 27 October
    Time: 9am–10:30am
    School of Architecture and Built Environment

    As our climate continues to change, the way we design our communities much change with it. During this activity students will examine real world data captured by the University of Adelaide which shows the impact of sea level rises on a community in the Onkaparinga council in southern Adelaide. Students will be tasked to examine this information, and plan measures to offset this rise, if not entirely negate it through innovative design of structures and parklands.

    This session is now fully booked.

    Build your own hydraulic lift

    Date: Tuesday 27 October
    Time: 9am–10:30am
    School of Mechanical Engineering

    Using supplied materials, students will get hands on and build their own hydraulic lift; learning the key principals behind the technology and their applications around the world. Students will be challenged to complete the build and test their products within time requirements.

    This session is now fully booked.

    Floating Houses

    Date: Tuesday 27 October
    Time: 11:30am–12:30pm
    Engineers Without Borders

    After exploring the living conditions of people living around/on Cambodia’s Tonle Sap Lake, students are split into groups and challenged to design and construct a floating structure using simple materials. Students compete to see which group can design a ‘house’ to safely hold the most ‘people’ before sinking.

    This session is now fully booked.

    Do the Loco-motion!

    Date: Tuesday 27 October
    Time: 11:30am–12:30pm
    STEM Academy

    Physics is all around us, but have you ever stopped to think about how it influences motion? Join us for an interactive workshop to learn all about projectile motion.


    Animal Behaviour

    Date: Wednesday 28 October
    Time: 11:30am–1pm
    School of Animal and Veterinary Science, Faculty of Sciences

    Whether it’s at home or in the workplace, animals are an important part of our lives. They can be trained to behave in certain ways and to perform specific tasks, but how can we effectively train them when they can’t talk back? Delve into the world of animal psychology and discover the complexities of shaping behaviours to achieved desired outcomes.


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These outreach kits are funded by AGL Energy – Community Partner for Ingenuity 2020.

AGL is supporting metropolitan and regional schools to take part in the Ingenuity virtual outreach program – encouraging students to learn, be curious and participate in interactive architecture and STEM-focused activities from the comfort of your classroom!

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