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Would you like to be able to solve problems in health, technology, commerce, science, law and many other fields? Consider a Bachelor level degree in mathematics.

  • Why Study Maths?
    • Maths Is Important Maths is the language of the universe. It forms the foundation of engineering, computing, and the sciences. It is the basis for technological advancement. Mathematical modelling can be used to glean knowledge about ecosystems and evolutionary biology; it allows us predict the weather, and even human behaviour. It is an essential component of statistics, which can be applied to medical research as a means of determining drug policies and public health directives. A mathemetically literate citizen is able to make better economic and political decisions in the areas of finance, risk, policy and resource allocation.
    • Maths Is Interesting Mathematics is an exciting and challenging field with a huge variation in subject areas. The application of mathematics to real-life problems can have a significant impact on our lives.
    • Maths Has Good Career Prospects  Students graduate with range of skills; they can use logical processes, calculating assumptions and making appropriate deductions; they can analyse problems to make computations and decide on an outcome; they can use advance concepts to decide which areas mathematics can be successfully applied to. These skills are valued by employers in the fields of finance, IT work, scientific research and logistics, leaving mathematics graduates with a wide range of career options.
  • Degree Finder

    Degree Finder lists the degrees available within the School of Mathematical Sciences, as well as double degree options offered with other disciplines.

    Bachelor degrees in mathematical sciences generally take three years of full-time study to complete. Student can study courses (subjects) in applied mathematics, pure mathematics and statistics, as well as courses from a broad range of other disciplines such as accounting, history, languages, philosophy and geology.

  • How to Apply

    There are a variety of pathways to apply for a degree offered within the School of Mathematical Sciences.

  • Course/Subject Information

    If you are interested in what courses are offered by the School of Mathematical Sciences you can search the Course Planner, or view the list for current students.

  • Want To Get a HEADSTART on Uni?

    The University of Adelaide’s Headstart scholarship program gives high achieving students the opportunity to study at university while still in year 12, and have these university studies count towards their SACE and ATAR.

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Many resources are available online and in the school to assist you. Try student resources, maths FAQs, the University FAQs or contact the school office. Alternatively, drop in and see us at Level 6, Ingkarni Wardli.

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