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Geometry lies at the core of modern mathematics with deep and wide implications in other mathematical disciplines, pure and applied. For example, geometry is used in cryptology, medical imaging, and physics.

Geometry draws on methods from algebra, differential equations, and topology to investigate spaces ranging from our own 3-dimensional space to abstract spaces that can have infinitely many dimensions.

The School of Mathematical Sciences has an active group of researchers in geometry with the pure mathematics discipline receiving an ERA=5 score, rating well above world standard. For more information see the Institute for Geometry and its Applications.

Researcher and Interests
David Baraglia Differential geometry, Higgs bundles and their moduli spaces, generalised complex geometry, mathematical physics
Susan Barwick Finite projective geometry
Nicholas Buchdahl Complex analysis, complex analytic and algebraic geometry, differential geometry, Gauge theory, mathematical physics
Michael Eastwood
Wolfgang Globke Lie theory, discrete transformation groups, pseudo-Riemannian geometry
Peter Hochs Geometric quantisation (in the noncompact setting), operator algebras, index theory, differential geometry and geometric analysis, Lie theory, links between K-theory, K-homology and representation theory
Wen-Ai Jackson Finite projective geometry
Finnur Larusson Complex analysis, complex analytic and algebraic geometry, applied homotopy theory
Thomas Leistner Differential geometry, Lorentzian and semi-Riemannian geometry, conformal geometry, holonomy theory and Lie groups
Michael Murray Differential geometry, Gauge theory, mathematical physics, mathematics of string theory
Danny Stevenson Algebraic topology: K-theory, abstract homotopy theory and higher category theory, higher geometric structures: stacks and gerbes
Guo Chuan Thiang Applications of K-theory, operator algebras, and noncommutative geometry to mathematical physics, especially T-duality in string theory and topological matter.
Tuyen Truong
Mathai Varghese Differential geometry; Index theory; Secondary Index invariants; K-theory; Geometric quantisation; noncommutative geometry; classical phase spaces; Mathematics of Quantum theory; Mathematics of String theory and T-duality.
Raymond Vozzo Differential geometry, gerbes, loop groups.
Hang Wang Operator algebras and their applications to topology, geometry and representation theory. In particular, non-commutative geometry, index theory of elliptic operators and KK-theory.
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