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Modern biology is much more quantitative than the biology of the past, and is now critically dependent on the mathematical, physical and computer sciences.

The School of Mathematical Sciences has a strong group of statistical bioinformaticians who conduct research in genomics, proteomics and systems biology in collaboration with biomedical researchers from government, universities and industry.

Biostatistics, also known as medical statistics, is central to the development and practice of modern medicine. Indeed, without biostatistical principles for the conduct of clinical trials and epidemiological studies, the pharmaceutical industry would not exist.

Biostatistics has driven a great of novel statistical methodology over the past three decades, and top universities around the world have whole departments devoted to biostatistics.

This is an area of critical skills shortage in Australia, and the School of Mathematical Sciences has one of the few strong biostatistical groups in this country.

Researcher and Interests
Gary Glonek Design and analysis of microarray and other experiments, data mining, statistical computing, Bayesian analysis, analysis of categorical data, biostatistics, gene expression studies, epidemiology
Andrew Metcalfe Applications of Statistics, in particular to problems in hydrology and water resources. The analyses typically requires a multivariate time series approach or a spatial statistical analysis
Adam (Ben) Rohrlach Phylogenetics, population genetics, Bayesian analysis, biostatistics
Patty Solomon Gene expression studies, design and analysis of microarray and other experiments, analysis of proteomic spectra, gene and protein networks, data mining, components of variance, biostatistics, survival analysis, clinical trials, critical care medicine, monitoring and assessing health outcomes, epidemiology
Tyman Stanford
Simon Tuke Analysis of microarray data, time course microarray experiments, biostatistics, statistical equivalence
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