Resolution Systems - Comp Sci/ Engineering Work Opportunities at Engineering Analytics Scale Up

About us

Resolution Systems is a technology start-up pushing the limits of data analytics to optimise our client’s operations. We believe that all operations have significant scope for improvements through the collection and intelligent analysis of data, through the application of Internet of Things technologies.

Resolution Systems’ flagship product is MaxMine: an automated business improvement product which performs advanced analytics and data science on operational data to deliver significant cost savings and productivity gains to global miners. We apply advanced engineering science and mathematics to operational data that we collect with our hardware to provide greater insights to miners, into the performance of their mining equipment.

Our approach is the future of Professional Engineering Services, and everything that we do, and how we do it reflects this. We are a tech company first, which happens to work across Operational and Engineering domains in the Mining Services industry. With a growing client base and rapid expansion of services, analytics and operations we have a range of interesting projects in the areas of machine learning, advanced analysis and data visualisation.

About you

We are looking for bright and enthusiastic students to join our team on a casual basis throughout the year. There is no better way to earn a bit of money whilst studying engineering or computer science.

As a data labeller you will characterise and classify our captured operational data to create a truth dataset from which we will assess our algorithms. The intimate understanding of characteristic data signatures that you will gain shall guide the development of advanced classification algorithms.There is significant scope for learning and development, as well as meaningfully shaping the direction of how we do things with new and innovative approaches. You will require proactive self-management skills and will be supported by talented and engaged senior engineers.

We are currently seeking expressions of interest from current or recent students in the fields of:

• Mechanical, Mechatronics or Aerospace Engineering, and/or
• Computer Science

Any applicant will require:

• Passion for South Australian Research and Development
• Eagerness to learn new practices and concepts
• Attention to detail, combined with effective time management
• Ability to appreciate and potentially develop non-trivial algorithms
• Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal
• A strong team player, with an interest in contributing to a strong team
• Strong analytical and problem solving skills

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Applications close: 15 Feb 2019

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