EEE School: 15th Annual Student Award Ceremony

Student Award Winners holding their certificates

Electrical and Electronic Engineering students, donors and presenters at the 15th Annual Student Award Ceremony.

The School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering held its 15th Annual Student Award Ceremony on Thursday 2 May and the event was enjoyed by all.

Congratulations to our prize winners and thank you to our donors for their ongoing support. 

Prize winners

  • Mr Alexander Woodcock
  • Mr Christian Colombo
  • Mr Daniel Mignanelli
  • Mr Edward Gray
  • Ms Emily Lauritsen
  • Mr Hongzhou Chen
  • Mr Kai Yang
  • Mr Lachlan Bateman
  • Mr Luke Smith
  • Mr Robert McAuley
  • Mr Sultan Al-Hammadi
  • Mr Zizheng Ren

Awards and donors

  • The E.V. Clark Prize
    Donor: School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering
  • The David Pawsey Prize
    Donor: David Pawsey
  • The IEEE Student Award
    Donor: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
  • The Spectra QEST Prize
    Donor: Spectra Quest
  • The Electric Energy Society of Australia (EESA) Prize
    Donor: Electric Energy Society of Australia (EESA)
  • The Codan Radio Communications RF Engineering Achievement Prize
    Donor: Codon limited                       
  • The ElectraNet Prize in Power Systems
    Donor: ElectraNet
  • The IREE Prize in Microelectronics
    Donor: IREE
  • The IET Prize
    Donor: Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET)         
  • The DSTG Surveillance Systems Undergraduate Prize
    Donor: Defence Science and Technology Group (DSTG)
  • The J. Mazumdar Prize in Engineering & Mathematics
    Donor: Jagan Mazumdar

Thank you to the following representatives who attended and presented prizes to the winners

  • Professor Christophe Fumeaux (School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering)
  • Dr Brian Ng, IEEE SA treasurer (School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering)
  • Mr Stephan Mavrakis, Executive Director (Spectra Quest)
  • Mr Tom Bammann, EESA – SA Chapter (EESA)
  • Rainer Korte, Group Executive, Asset Management (ElectraNet)
  • Mr Marcelo Botelho, Air Warfare Destroyer Alliance, Techport Australia (IREE)
  • Dr Joe Fabrizio (DSTG)
  • Dr Sanjay Mazumdar (Professor Jagan Mazumdar’s son)
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