Multiple internships for EEE students: IQonIC Works

IQonIC Works is offering intern positions for development of RISC-V processors and related semiconductor IP. Projects will include:

  • digital RTL design and verification
  • virtual platform modelling
  • software tool development.

Candidates should have completed courses in digital design, computer organisation or computer architecture, and software development.

Flexible options

  • Both paid and unpaid intern positions are available
  • Work experience internships are available for shorter or longer periods, part time or full time, usually without payment
  • Paid internships are generally available over the summer, as student employment for 12 weeks over the summer break, but alternative arrangements can be made.

About IQonIC

IQonIC Works, a subsidiary of ASTC, is a design technology company dedicated to the development of new RISC-V embedded processor IP, RISC-V based application specific IP, new application specific SoC IP platforms, as well as design enablement software and tools for the designers of embedded semiconductors and systems. Early application examples include Intelligent Sensor and Microcontroller ASICs, USB Type-C/PD and Power Adapter Controllers. Future target applications include Real Time IO Control and IoT applications.

How to apply

To apply, please email your cover letter, resume, and latest academic transcript to Peter Ashenden.

For more information, please contact Peter Ashenden.

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