Industry linked PhD Scholarship available with Maptek

Develop algorithms that can achieve semantic understanding of 3D point clouds, based on mining applications such as geotechnical features, transient components, size distribution of rock piles and other.

State-of-the-art LiDAR (light ranging and  detection) devices, such as those designed and manufactured by Maptek are capable of producing accurate and high-resolution 3D measurements of their surrounding environment. This makes them ideally suited for surveying tasks in various industrial and scientific applications. In particular, the usage of LiDAR devices for surveying is standard in the global mining industry.

This project will investigate novel algorithms based on machine learning (e.g., deep neural networks) and geometric optimisation to achieve the goals.

Scholarship details

  • Payment per year: $38,092
  • Duration: 4 years
  • Open to: Australian Citizens, Australian Permanent Residents, New Zealand Citizens, Permanent Humanitarian Visa Holders, International Students

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