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The Australian School of Petroleum’s industry-focused degrees will give you the practical experience and insight to build a rewarding career in petroleum engineering, geosciences and management.

Here at the Australian School of Petroleum you will learn from experienced industry professionals, widely recognised for their quality teaching; and study a modern, industry-designed curricula.

You will be well-equipped to help satisfy the significant global demand for qualified petroleum engineering graduates—and pursue a stimulating career in one of engineering's highest-paid fields.

What is petroleum engineering?

Petroleum engineering is the practical application of physics, mathematics, engineering and economic principles to the recovery of petroleum. It is one of the highest paid fields of engineering, and there is significant demand for highly-qualified graduates.

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Do you want to be a petroleum engineer? Our undergraduate degrees in petroleum engineering includes an embedded honours year and will prepare you for a career in engineering.

Undergraduate Degrees


Are you an engineering graduate? If you wish to broaden your knowledge or change career pathways, you can specialise in petroleum engineering through our postgraduate degrees.

Postgraduate Degrees


Whether you seek work in research or industry, our higher degrees by research will ensure you are better prepared, so that you can make a real impact in your chosen field of interest.

Higher Degrees by Research

Enhance your undergraduate degree

The Australian School of Petroleum offers a range of exciting, industry-relevant majors and minors, designed to enhance your knowledge and practical skills. Choose from:

  • Chemical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Mining Engineering
“Throughout my time at university, help was always accessible. It has been a pleasure for me to learn from different people and get various opinions. University has definitely been the best time of my life.”Dharshana Navaratnam – Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Petroleum)

Industry training resources

As a student, you will have access to various training resources to prepare you for a career in the petroleum industry. Petroleum Experts have donated petroleum engineering software tools to the University of Adelaide with a value of £1,072,970. The software is housed within the Australian School of Petroleum.

Further study

If you have already completed an undergraduate degree, we offer a range of opportunities to specialise in Petroleum Geoscience or Petroleum Engineering.

  • Honours in Petroleum Geology and Geophysics

    Honours is a one-year qualification studied as an addition to an undergraduate degree, giving you the opportunity to investigate an area of interest in greater detail. Honours degrees are also excellent preparation for studying a higher degree by research, such as a Master of Philosophy (MPhil) or Doctor of Philosophy (PhD).

    At the Australian School of Petroleum we offer an honours year in Petroleum Geology and Geophysics (also referred to as 'petroleum geoscience'), as part of the Honours Degree of Bachelor of Science.

    Our honours program is unique. During your first semester, you will undertake a range of core courses, specialising in petroleum geoscience. In your second semester you will get hands-on experience, completing an internship with an organisation and an industry-focused research project (thesis).

    An honours year is well-suited to graduates of related undergraduate degrees, such as the Bachelor of Science from the University of Adelaide (or another university). For further information, see the entry requirements.

    We offer school-based grants to help cover the cost of studying honours with us—$3,000 for South Australian residents and $6,000 for interstate students.

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  • Postgraduate programs

    The school offers a graduate certificate and two master degrees, taught in an industry short-course format:

    Our postgraduate degrees focus on the essential areas of petroleum geoscience and petroleum engineering, and provide advanced theoretical and practical training in industry-standard techniques and workflows.

    Study for programs begins in February and is completed within 12 months (MSc and Honours), 18 months (MPE) and six months (Graduate Certificate). Students receive a thorough grounding in exploration and development principles, while being exposed to the oil and gas industry’s practical aspects through internationally experienced staff. Curricula for these multidisciplinary programs has been developed in consultation with our petroleum industry partners, and is regularly reviewed by our advisory board to ensure continuing relevance.

  • Short courses

    The Australian School of Petroleum offers a range of continuing professional development (CPD) short courses specifically designed for professionals in the upstream petroleum industry.

    Short courses

  • Who do I contact about further study?

    If you would like more information about our honours program and postgraduate study options, please contact:

Don’t meet the prerequisites? There is a pathway for you

If you don’t meet the prerequisites for direct entry into your chosen University of Adelaide engineering degree—or are not sure what area of engineering you’d like to focus on—we offer alternative entry options.

Entry pathways

Will you be joining us from overseas?

If you are an international student considering studying at the Australian School of Petroleum, find out more information about our study options, entry requirements, application process and life in Adelaide.

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