Research and Impact

The Faculty of Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences is committed to delivering outstanding research that helps solve complex global problems and contributes to national priorities.

We’re home to a number of world-class research institutes and centres, where our students learn from internationally renowned academics at the cutting edge of research and discovery.

We address global needs in collaboration with industry, government and the broader community. Our expertise spans the following seven research themes.

Advanced manufacturing

The pressing demand in Australia for reliable, cost-effective and high-value added products is driving manufacturing innovation, and the development of new materials and structures, and characterisation technologies. 

Agrifood and Wine

Rising labour costs, increasing regulatory burdens, energy sector transformation, uncertain global markets and shifting consumer preferences are reshaping agribusinesses along the entire supply chain.

Defence, Cyber and Space

With the defence, cyber and space sectors rapidly becoming our state and national priorities, our researchers are helping government bodies, industry and private enterprise take advantage of emerging strategic, scientific and commercial opportunities. 

Energy, Mining and Resources

The international community has committed to a path toward zero-net CO2 emissions by 2050. It also contains more than enough energy and mineral resources to support a growing, increasingly urbanised population for many centuries to come.

Functional Materials

The drive to deliver the next generation technologies relies heavily on the discovery, design and application of new and functional materials and the processes by which they are created.

Health and Biotechnology

Our research in Health and Bioprocessing Technologies seeks to deliver powerful tools for improving health, a better understanding of disease processes as well as effectively diagnosing and treating medical conditions.

Sustainable Built Environments

The built environment consumes a significant amount of energy and resources: for manufacturing materials, constructing buildings, outdoor spaces and roads, supplying electricity and water to residential and commercial buildings, managing waste, and transporting people and goods.

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