Advanced Materials and Manufacturing

Our Advanced Materials and Manufacturing research covers a wide range of fundamental and applied topics which have application across a broad range of industry sectors and services.

Advanced Materials and Manufacturing - semiconductors by Silanna picoFAB Facility

The increasing demand for specialised products and technologies to meet societal needs is driving manufacturing innovation and the development of new materials.

Our research into the areas of energy and catalysis, remote sensing and robotic vision, machine learning, secure networks and process optimisation lead industry to more efficient, effective and sustainable manufacturing practices that can be implemented on a global scale.

Some of our key areas of discovery include: 

  • coal combustion products’ use in civil applications
  • ballistic-impact-resistant laminated composite structures
  • new materials for energy storage and conversion
  • graphene-based fire retardants.

Research impact

Our Advanced Materials and Manufacturing researchers are working closely with industry to address some of the world’s greatest challenges. For example, we are:

  • playing a critical role in developing future energy solutions, including through the production of fuels, fuel cells, batteries and supercapacitors to provide more efficient energy solutions
  • developing ‘green energy’ solutions, such as photocatalysis and electrocatalysis, to deliver a low carbon energy future
  • using advanced sensing, automation, artificial intelligence and global networks to optimise manufacturing processes and link operations globally
  • applying nanoparticles to create new drug and gene therapy treatment methods, for diseases such as cancer
  • transforming graphene’s utility by using it for fire-resistant coatings, biosensors, electronic and communication components, and specialised multi-use composites
  • analysing and improving construction materials to detect and prevent fatigue and damage, helping to prevent failure and lower risk
  • providing sustainable alternatives to classic building and construction materials to address the energy requirements needed to create such materials.

Although our Advanced Materials and Manufacturing research has broad application across all industries, we have particularly strong research partnerships in several key sectors. These include:

  • medical technology
  • biopharmaceuticals
  • mining
  • energy storage and conversion
  • agribusiness
  • defence.

Contact us

To discuss collaborating with us on a project, please contact the theme leaders:

Associate Professor Ling Yin  Dr Yan Jiao

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