Communications Engineering

With expertise in Communications Engineering, we specialise in designing and improving state-of-the-art telecommunications systems.

Communications Engineering

Our researchers possess world-class capability in telecommunication system modelling, measurement and management, with technical expertise and experience across all network layers, and a wide range of civilian and defence applications.

We apply a wide array of techniques—including advanced queueing theory, matrix analytic methods, wavelets and simulation—on problems in:

  • traffic characterisation
  • scheduling
  • resource management
  • admission control
  • end-to-end performance
  • network design
  • real-time monitoring and measurement.

Our Communications Engineering researchers aim to enhance advanced telecommunications systems’ and networks’ performance, and manage network impacts on end-to-end systems. We are particularly focused on improving systems’ robustness, reliability, effectiveness, efficiency and security.

We have collaborated with Telstra on every technology refresh in its networks over the last 30 years. Telstra uses the group’s TelAri Analytics network dimensioning technology to optimise capital expenditure on capacity upgrades.

Leveraging these capabilities, we have consulted to major network operators and vendors all over the world, in areas such as:

  • traffic and capacity analysis and modelling
  • quality-of-service analysis
  • systems development, support and maintenance
  • network design – reliability and bandwidth management.

We have also provided extensive network modelling for Australian Defence projects, including:

  • ISR Integration (JP 2096)
  • Battle Management (Land 75)
  • Tactical Wireless Mesh Network (Land 2072)
  • Tactical Data Links (JP 2089)
  • Integrated Air and Missile Defence (AIR 6500).

Our researchers

We have expertise across a wide range of areas. Many of our researchers are available to assist with research project supervision for Master of Philosophy and Doctor of Philosophy students.

Research Team Expertise
Dr Andrew Coyle  
Dr Jeremy McMahon  
Dr Matthew Britton  
Dr Andre Costa  
Dr Hung Nguyen  
Siu Wai Ho  
Dr Marian Mihailescu  
Mark Stewart  
Vince Wang  
Nick Warner  


We collaborate with various industry and government organisations, including:

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