Distributed and Intelligent Technologies

With specialist capability in Distributed and Intelligent Technologies, we build large and complex distributed computer systems that serve a wide range of functions in society.

distributed and intelligent technologies

Our researchers are particularly focused on: 

  • system execution modelling and model-driven engineering
  • innovative Internet of Things system development
  • task scheduling and resource allocation
  • privacy-preserving computing and data mining
  • network analysis, routing and optimisation
  • social network analysis.

Our advanced research has broad application across numerous industries, including: 

  • defence
  • high-performance computing
  • cloud computing service providers
  • mining
  • maritime.

Research impact

Our Distributed and Intelligent Technologies’ research assists with the creation of robust software systems and networks, as well as large-scale data analysis, to address pending societal problems.

Our work has been applied extensively in the real world. In particular, communities have benefitted from our open-source MEDEA system-execution modelling environment, produced with the Defence Science and Technology (DST) Group.

This modelling environment has assisted, for example:

  • early-stage performance-model development for large-scale distributed software systems, such as those used within combat management systems
  • performance optimisation in drones used to monitor animal population growth.

We have longstanding collaborations across a number of sectors, including the DST Group in defence, and numerous health industry partners. We also receive significant funding from the Australian Research Council and other competitive funding bodies.

Our researchers

We have expertise across a wide range of areas. Many of our researchers are available to assist with research project supervision for Master of Philosophy and Doctor of Philosophy students. To enquire about consulting services or working with us on a research project, please contact the researchers listed below.

Research team Expertise
Professor Katrina Falkner Learning analytics and learning technologies; Distributed and intelligent technologies
Professor Hong Shen Parallel and distributed computing; Algorithms; Privacy and security; Data mining; High performance networks
Associate Professor Nick Falkner  
Dr Claudia Szabo  
Dr Cruz Izu Learning analytics and learning technologies; Distributed and intelligent technologies
Dr Damith Ranasinghe  
Dr Yuval Yarom Computer security
Daniel Fraser  

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