Electrical Machines and Drives

The Electrical Machines and Drives research group develops and improves power electronics and motor drives.

electrical machines and drives

We are particularly interested in alternative magnetic materials, including: 

  • soft composites - ideal for high-volume, low-cost applications, such as appliance motors
  • amorphous material - useful where efficiency is important, such as in pumps. 

Our Electrical Machines and Drives group aims to:

  • provide a wider range of electric motor design options, varying in cost and performance
  • assist with the development of more efficient machines for electric vehicles, including through novel efficiency-mapping techniques
  • reduce or eliminate the need for feedback devices in the motor-control loop to improve performance, reduce system cost and increase reliability.

Research impact

Our research has had direct industry impact. This includes through, for example:

  • constructing various prototype machines using scalable manufacturing techniques, with the potential for commercialisation 
  • developing a range of sensorless motor-control software, applicable to variable-speed pump applications.

Our researchers

We have expertise across a wide range of areas. Many of our researchers are available to assist with research project supervision for Master of Philosophy and Doctor of Philosophy students. 

Research team Expertise
Associate Professor Nesimi Ertugrul Electric machines and drives; Renewable energy/energy storage; Driverless systems
Associate Professor Wen Soong Electric machines and drives; Renewable energy/energy storage


We collaborate with different organisations, including:

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