Laser Diagnostics and Chemical Sensing

Our Laser Diagnostics and Chemical Sensing research group uses state-of-the-art technologies to create innovative sensing systems based on modern laser technology and electromagnetic waves.

Laser Diagnostics laboratory - Image: Copyright 2019 Zeyad Alwahabi

We are particularly focused on: 

  • developing and applying diagnostic tools
  • applying and validating engineering models
  • real-time in situ chemical and particle detection
  • developing solid-state solar thermal simulators
  • engineering ‘lab on a chip’ portable monitoring and diagnostic systems.

Our Laser Diagnostics and Chemical Sensing group aims to understand matter’s interaction with radiation and light and apply this knowledge to specific sensing applications and engineering devices to solve real-life problems. This includes in relation to:

  • non-intrusive temperature imaging in solar-thermal energy
  • non-isothermal multiphase flows
  • reactive flows
  • combustion
  • plasma-based technologies
  • mineral processing
  • medical and animal welfare diagnosis
  • environmental pollutant monitoring.

Research impact

Our Laser Diagnostics and Chemical Sensing group’s research has numerous real-world applications. This includes:

  • developing new technology to improve processes across different industries
  • enabling clean energy production
  • providing cost-competitive, easy-to-use portable sensing technologies for diagnosis and environmental protection.

Our research has broad societal impact, with applications across multiple industries and national research priority areas. These include: 

  • health
  • environmental management
  • eco-friendly industrial processes
  • mining and energy
  • infrastructure
  • security
  • defence.

Higher degrees by research

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Higher Degrees by Research


Centre for Energy Technology PhD Scholarship

The ARENA funded research project, Laser Diagnostics in Non-isothermal Multiphase Flows, focuses on the development and application of non-intrusive optical diagnostics in complex multi-phase flows. The project aims for simultaneous real-time imaging of particles and gas temperature.