Medical, Health and Bioprocessing Technologies

Our research in Medical, Health and Bioprocessing Technologies seeks to improve the monitoring, diagnostic, assistive and pharmaceutical processes that underpin our health and medical system.

Medical, Health and Bioprocessing Technologies

We focus on three key areas of research. The first is biomedical engineering—applying engineering design and problem-solving skills to produce medical technology devices and prosthetics (medtech) that improve patients’ health care and quality of life. The second is pharmaceutical bioprocessing, with a particular emphasis on drug production for innovative pharmaceutical products, such as biomaterials for medical implants and devices. The third area of focus is medical imaging and personal data analysis, with a view to enabling quicker, more accurate diagnoses through artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning.

Research impact

Our Medical, Health and Bioprocessing Technologies researchers are committed to developing technologies for a happier, healthier society.

With a keen awareness of global market needs and trends, we translate research into commercially viable solutions, ready for rapid entry into global supply chains. This has led to our:

  • health-monitoring and diagnostic devices being worn by, or implanted in, hundreds of patients
  • medical imaging devices being used in hospitals
  • bionic prostheses, replacement joints, and mobility and communication aids helping countless people live with physical disabilities
  • AI and machine learning image and data analysis tools helping many specialists diagnose and monitor a wide array of diseases and injuries
  • bioprocessing technologies delivering new modes of drug synthesis, purification and product shelf life in the pharmaceutical industry.

Our Medical, Health and Bioprocessing Technologies research is highly relevant and directly beneficial to all care-givers—and those requiring care. We work closely with:

  • hospitals
  • health care providers
  • rehabilitation units
  • research organisations
  • medical device manufacturers
  • pharmaceutical companies.

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