Mining and Geoengineering

Our Mining and Geoengineering researchers bring together advanced capabilities in numerous areas of fundamental and applied research.

mining and geoengineering

These include:

  • rock and soil mechanics
  • geostatistics
  • mining operations
  • soil structures
  • minerals and resource evaluation
  • mine automation and robotics
  • digital mining
  • transport infrastructure.

Our Mining and Geoengineering research is of direct relevance to companies and organisations involved in civil geotechnical engineering, mining engineering, energy resources, and environmental modelling and prediction.

Particular areas of focus are:

  • cemented backfill design
  • composite geomaterials
  • computation/experimental geomechanics
  • expansive and unsaturated soils
  • geostatistics
  • geothermal energy
  • granular material numerical modelling
  • probabilistic geotechnical engineering
  • residential footing design
  • rock/coal burst
  • rock-mass flow modelling
  • rolling dynamic compaction
  • soil stabilisation using solid waste
  • ‘smart’ geotechnical structures.

Research impact

We seek to enable raw materials to be exploited more efficiently, cost-effectively, safely and sustainably. Our mathematical modelling, for example, is used throughout the mining industry to predict the likely impact of geological uncertainties on geotechnical and mining engineering structures, ensuring they are appropriately designed.

Our researchers

We have expertise across a wide range of areas. Many of our researchers are available to assist with research project supervision for Master of Philosophy and Doctor of Philosophy students.

Research team Expertise
Dr Abbas Taheri Rock testing and modelling; Design of mining with backfill; Soil improvement methods
Dr An Deng Testing and modelling of soils and composite geomaterials; Beneficial reuse of solid waste materials; Soil consolidation, and electrokinetic remediation and modelling
Brendan Scott Rolling dynamic compaction; Expansive and unsaturated soils; Site investigations
Associate Professor Chaoshui Xu Rock fracture modelling, rock mass characterisations; Modelling of flow in fractured porous rocks under coupled hydro-thermo-mechanical-chemical conditions; Geostatistics, operations research and mine optimisation
Dr Exequiel Manuel Sepulveda Escobedo Geometallurgy; Optimisation; Machine learning
Associate Professor Giang Nguyen Damage and fracture of materials (metals, concrete, composites, soils, rocks); Constitutive modelling; Computational mechanics
Professor Mark Jaksa Risk and reliability; Unsaturated and expansive soils; Machine learning
Associate Professor Murat Karakus Computational geomechanics; High stress mining - rock burst and coal burst analysis; Experimental rock mechanics: Damage modelling of rocks and rock masses
Dr Noune Melkoumian Geomechanics; Geotechnical engineering and active structural health monitoring; Applied mathematics and fracture mechanics
Professor Peter Dowd Geostatistics and spatial modelling; Mine optimisation; Rock fracture characterisation
Dr Yien Lik Kuo Shallow footing; Numerical modelling, artificial intelligence; Geographic information systems (GIS), physical modelling, dynamic compaction

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